The Sword in the Grotto

di Angie Sage
Serie Araminta Spookie, Libro 2
Ebook, 160 pagine, Katherine Tegen Books 2006
Spookie House, which is where I live with my aunt Tabitha and my uncle Drac, has recently gotten pretty crowded.
First of all I found two ghosts living here, and then the Wizzards turned up and decided to live here too. So now that makes eight of us, as there are three Wizzards—Wanda and her mom and dad, Brenda and Barry. incipit
Trama: Sir Horace is about to turn five hundred years old Araminta and Wanda need to find him the perfect gift. Araminta finds an ancient sword in a grotto hidden under her haunted house and it should be a cinch to get it. But she wasn’t planning on the nasty surprise of a portcullis-trap and a rising tide in the grotto. Will Araminta and Wanda make it to Sir Horace’s birthday party?

Commento personale: In questo episodio alla famiglia Spookie si aggiungono dei nuovi personaggi, i Wizard e Araminta acquisisce una nuova compagna di avventure. Questa serie diventa ad ogni libro più carina, mi diverto moltissimo a seguire le bizzarre vicende di Araminta e Wanda.

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