di Angie Sage
Serie Araminta Spookie, Libro 3
Ebook, 208 pagine, Katherine Tegen Books 2007
"Araminta, where have you put my frogs?”
What kind of question is that? But last week that is exactly what Barry Wizzard asked me.
I did not answer.
I did not answer because when someone in Spookie House has lost something they always say, “Araminta, where have you put my...?”
You can fill in the blank with anything you like and chances are, someone will have thought that I put it somewhere. I do not know why. incipit
Trama: When something’s amiss in Spookie House, there’s usually only one person to blame: Araminta. But this time she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barry Wizzard’s frogs, and she is determined to find them. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy, especially when dealing with a crazy character named Old Morris, a dangerous shark, and a demanding aquarium show audience. Can Araminta find the frogs and steal the show?

Commento personale: Araminta e Wanda sono alla ricerca delle rane di Barry Wizzard e questo le porterà a scoprire i loschi piani del loro vicino, non che proprietario del vecchio cartello di Sir Horace, il fantasma/armatura amico delle bambine, Old Morris. Come sempre le avventure di Araminta sono carinissime e i disegni che le corredano ancora di più.

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